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Irish Migration Studies in Latin America

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ISSN 1661-6065

Editorial Team
Dennise Bentle, Matthew McCoy, Associate Editors
Gabriela McEvoy, Spanish Language Editor
Carolina Amador Moreno, Book Review Editor
John Kennedy, Editorial Consultant
Phillip Barron, Production Editor

Irish Migration Studies in Latin America publishes original research about relations between Ireland and Latin America, Spanish speaking North America, the Caribbean and Iberia, from all academic disciplines within the humanities and social sciences. Articles are subject to peer-review, and the journal has an international editorial board. The editors welcome contributions of articles, interdisciplinary essays, biographies, archival sources, and book, film or website reviews. Articles may be single- or jointly-authored, and should follow the Contributors Guidelines. Contact the editors if you wish to submit a contribution or propose a subject area.

Irish Migration Studies in Latin America, the journal of the Society for Irish Latin American Studies, is published electronically. All issues are freely available to the public.

The readership of the journal includes academics, students, researchers, genealogists and people with interests in history, literature, cultural studies and other aspects of relations between Ireland, Latin America, the Caribbean and Iberia.

The current issue of the Irish Migration Studies in Latin America is available here. For the archives of all previous issues of the journal click here.