Irish Place Names and Landmarks in Argentina

History of the Toponym
Segun algunos documentos,en 1.637 se distribuyeron tierras en esta zona,no se tiene conocimiento exacto de la fecha de fundacion de SALTO . A raiz de las depedraciones de las cual eran objeto los pobladores,el capitan JUAN de SAN MARTIN realizo una incursion contra los indios y dejo establecida a fines de 1.737, la "GUARDIA AVANZADA DEL SALTO" [5]

Description & History of the Place
Eduardo Pedro Maguire, Intendente [1]

Capellanes de la parroquia San Pablo. Hector G. Roldán (Saltonline). [2]

Héctor G. Roldán (historiador local). Listado de Irish-Argentines in Salto. 10 March 2002 [3] 

'Salto, writes a correspondent, is conveniently situated upon the southern bank of the river of the same name; and when, viewed from a distance, it presents to the beholder an imposing aspect, with its well-built two-storey "azoteas", and groves of tall and stately eucalyptus, but towering above all is the majestic spire of the beautiful new church, which has been in course of construction these last nine or ten years, and which within the last year has been advanced rapidly towards completion through the untiring exertions of the parish priest' [6]. See photo 22 below.

'Up to the year 1870 the Irish element in Salto was very small, and beyond some puesteros on Messrs. Murphy's and Ham estancias, but few found their way so far North. Since then Sres. Alvear, Pacheco, Lezica, Crison and other native estancieros have made our countrymen tempting offers with the very splendid result that we see today...' [7

Salto Patrick Brown removed from Luján
Salto Edward Casey  
Salto John Donnelly  
Salto Thomas Ledwidge  
Salto Patrick Lynch  
Salto W. Lynch  
Salto Patrick Murphy Estancia Uncalito
Salto William Murphy estanciero
Salto Michael Quinn  



Irish Settlements

[1] Coghlan 1987: 440
[3] Graham-Yool 1999: 32
[6] The Southern Cross, 19 October 1876.
[7] The Southern Cross, November 1878.

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1. Railway station
2. Uncalito stream
3. Estrugamou estancia 'La Chica'
4. Estrugamou estancia 'La Chica'
5. Estrugamou estancia 'La Chica'
6. Estrugamou estancia 'La Chica'
7. Estrugamou estancia 'La Chica'
8. Estrugamou estancia 'La Chica'
9. John James Murphy estancia 'La Flor del Uncalito'
10. John James Murphy estancia 'La Flor del Uncalito'
11. John James Murphy estancia 'La Flor del Uncalito'
12. John James Murphy estancia 'La Flor del Uncalito'
13. John James Murphy estancia 'La Flor del Uncalito': original house.
14. John James Murphy estancia 'La Flor del Uncalito'
15. John James Murphy estancia 'La Flor del Uncalito': dovecote.
16. John James Murphy estancia 'La Flor del Uncalito'
17. Tobin Seeds firm in Salto town
18. Patricio Tobin
19. Manning calendar
20. Tobin's family house in Salto town
21. Tobin street sign
22. Parish church: see note above.
23. Fr. Mauricio Hickey memorial
24. Cemetery: Tobin family vault
25. Cemetery: grave of Edward Casey
26. Cemetery: James and Ellen Geoghegan (née Fox) monument
27. Cemetery: grave of James Murphy 
28. Cemetery: grave of Patrick Murphy ('sacred to the memory of three brothers natives of Co. Wexford, Ireland, and faithful sons of the holy church').
29. Cemetery
30. Cemetery: Peter J. Hyland monument
31. Cemetery: grave of Patrick Ham
32. Cemetery
33. Railway station
34. Areco river


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