Irish Place Names and Landmarks in Argentina

History of the Toponym

Description & History of the Place
William Mullally. Estanciero in the Rojas partido […] and then in Rojas, where he bought the estancia ‘Oldtown’ . [1]

John Thompson (Co. Longford 1853-1932). In 1878 he went to Rojas, and he established in Northern Buenos Aires province, estancia ‘La Hibernia’. [2]

Juan Patricio Tormey (?-1921). Participated in the 1893 revolution, probably as Comandante de la Guardia Nacional in Rojas […] In 1924, the Rojas City Council named the Centenario boulevard as ‘Boulevard Juan P. Tormey’, considering him a ‘ciudadano eminente y respetado, y uno de los primeros colonos del partido’ [3]

James Ballesty (1825-1876). [4]

Jerónimo Barry. [5]

Rojas Mr Allison estanciero
Rojas David Anderson  
Rojas James Ballasty estanciero, removed from
  Mercedes (appendix)<>
Rojas William Murray  
Rojas Mr Murphy estanciero
Rojas J. Plumber  
Rojas William Reid  
Rojas James Thompson  
Rojas John Thompson  
Rojas John Tobin  
Rojas P. Tobin




Irish Settlements

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