Irish Place Names and Landmarks in Argentina

History of the Toponym
Eduardo O'Brien (1836-1912). Son of Patrick O'Brien (1802-1892) and Frances Kavanagh (1802-1890). Eduardo was born in Co. Wexford. When he was 14, he emigrated with his parents to Brazil and then they settled in Carmen de Areco, Buenos Aires province. 

Description & History of the Place
Town in Buenos Aires province. In 1906, Eduardo O'Brien donated a 46 hectares parcel to the Ferrocarril Oeste to build the railway station. The town was officially founded on 21 March 1909.

The railway station's name "O'Brien" was selected by Edward O'Brien in memory of General John Thomond O'Brien (1786-1861) of the South American Wars of Independence. General O'Brien was not a direct relation of Edward O'Brien's family.

Irish Settlements

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1. 2.
1. Entry gate
2. St. Patrick's church donated by Edward O'Brien and built by architect Robert Lornax.


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