Irish Place Names and Landmarks in Argentina

History of the Toponym
Antonio Kenny (1857-1921), son of James Kenny (1798-1857), who emigrated to Argentina before 1837, and Honoria Murray (1811-1904), from Ballinacarrigy, Co. Westmeath. Antonio was born in San Vicente, five months after the death of his father, and was christened on 30 July 1857. On 23 August 1890, he married Margarita Eva Gahan, daughter of John Gahan and Mary Devitt. They had six children. Antonio Kenny died on 21 February 1921, and his wife Margarita died on 19 November 1929. [1]

Description & History of the Place
Antonio Kenny donated in 1897 a parcel of 62321 m2 43 cm2 (6.2 hectares, 15.4 acres) to the Central Buenos Aires railway director, Mr. Federico Lacroze (4238/1897/Mercedes). [2] Honoria Kenny, Antonio's sister, founded the Gahan railway station (see Gahan). [2]


Irish Settlements
On the way between Carmen de Areco and Salto. 

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Sign in Kenny railway station


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