Irish Place Names and Landmarks in Argentina

History of the Toponym
Patricio Heavy.

Description & History of the Place
In 1896, Patricio Heavy sold or donated 44,460 m2 (4.5 hectares, 11 acres) to the Director of the Central Buenos Aires, Mr. Federico Lacroze, to build the railway station (2708/1896/M). [1]. Recently, since the branch line was closed by the railway company, the Heavy family asked the company to return the lands. The station was adapted to residential house, which is now the home of a descendant of Patricio Heavy. [2


Irish Settlements

[1] Ministerio de Obras Públicas, Departamento de Investigación Histórica y Cartográfica, Dirección de Geodesia (Provincia de Buenos Aires). José Pedro Thill, May, 2002.
[2] Personal communication from Valeria and Agustín Heavy (email 10 June 2002).

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1. Heavy signage
2. Railway station
3. Railway station
4. 'Ballimanca' estancia


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