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  Guest Editor: Igor Pérez Tostado


Torre de Hércules, La Coruña, Galicia. 
According to the Leabhar Gabhála, King Breogán constructed a high tower from where his sons could see the distant green island of Ireland.

> Ireland and Iberia: An Introduction, by Igor Pérez Tostado.

> Spain in Irish Literature 1789-1850: an Approach to a Minor Representation, by Asier Altuna-García de Salazar.

> John Aldridge: A Real Irishman, by Matthew Brown. 

> A Description of the Irish in Seville: Merchants of the Eighteenth Century, by Manuel Fernández Chaves and Mercedes Gamero Rojas.

> Immigration, Social Dialogue and Economic Growth in the Old Periphery of Europe: The Celtic and Latin Tigers?, by Oscar Molina.

> A Nation of Emigrants or Immigrants?: The Challenge of Integration in Ireland and Portugal, by Claire Healy.

> When merit alone is not enough: Money as a 'parallel route' for Irish military advancement in Spain, by Óscar Recio Morales.

> The Spanish Habsburgs and their Irish Soldiers (1587-1700), by Moisés Enrique Rodríguez.

> Mr. Richard Wall: The Irish-Spanish Minister, by Diego Téllez Alarcia.

> Review of Susana Taurozzi's Los Pasionistas en Argentina y Uruguay: Cien años de historia, by Edward Walsh, and Author's Reply.

> Biographies:

Rooke, James (1770-1819), commander of the British Legion during the South American wars of independence, by Moisés Enrique Rodríguez.

O'Neill, Alexandre (1924-1986), Portuguese poet.

Healy, José Santiago (1895-1968), media entrepreneur in Mexico.

Banks, Mateo (1872-1949), Argentine family murderer. 

Dillon, Jorge Patricio (1953-c.1977), student activist and social worker in Argentina. 

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