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Adventurers, Emissaries and Settlers: Ireland and Latin America
27-30 June 2007, National University of Ireland, Galway

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List of Papers


Panel One: Historiography

Chair: Mary Harris (NUI Galway)  
Laragh Neelin (Dublin): ‘Eric T.D. Lambert: early researcher of the Irish in Latin America’ X
Edmundo Murray (University of Zurich): ‘Contrasting histories: Discourses in Irish Latin American studies’ X
Panel Two: Origins  
Chair: Mary Harris (NUI Galway)  
Igor Pérez Tostado (Universidad Pablo de Olavide): ‘Why did the Irish migrate to the Spanish Caribbean in the 17th century?’ X
Diego Téllez (Universidad de La Rioja): ‘Mr. Edward Wall: an Irishman in the River Plate (1756-62)’ X
Fiona Clark (Queen's University Belfast), ‘Daniel O’Sullivan (1760-1796): An Irish military physician in late colonial Mexico’ X
Jorge L. Chinea (Wayne State University): 'Jaime O’Daly y Blake: An enlightened Hispanicised Irish planter-administrator in late Bourbon Puerto Rico, 1776-1829' X
Panel Three: Settlement Schemes I  
Chair: Claire Healy (Immigrant Council of Ireland, Dublin)  
Orla Power (NUI, Galway): 'Irish Catholic planters in the Caribbean: Montserrat and St. Croix 1747-1775' X
Louise O'Connor (Texas): 'False Claims and Sacred Lands: Irish Colonies in Mexican Texas' X
Oliver Marshall (University of Oxford): ‘From Cork to St John: An early example of Irish migration to New Brunswick’ X
Panel Four: Settlement Schemes II  
Chair: Oliver Marshall (Centre for Brazilian Studies, University of Oxford)  
Martín Pérez Acevedo (Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo): ‘The Irish in Mexico during the Porfiriato (1876-1910). A description of a minority migration.’ X
Juan Pablo Alvarez Pearce (Buenos Aires) & Santiago Delfín Boland (Bahía Blanca): ‘La Vitícola, the Irish colony of Napostá 1889-1891, the largest foreign colony in the history of Bahía Blanca’ X
Claire Healy (Dublin): ‘"Al otro lado:" Latin American migration to Ireland, 1973-2006’ X
Panel Five: Journalism  
Chair: Arnold R. Highfield (University of the Virgin Islands)  
Félix Flores Varona (Universidad de Ciego de Ávila, Cuba): 'The Irish element in José Martí’s New York Chronicles' X
Peter Hulme (University of Essex): ‘James J. O’Kelly in Cuba’ X
Ana M. Castello (Universidad Católica Argentina): ‘Community press and local politics (1875-1880): towards the formation of a "Hiberno-Argentine" political opinion?’ X
Panel Six: Business and Employment  
Chair: Derrick Marcus (São Paulo)  
Moises-Enrique Rodriguez (Vevey): 'Freedom's mercenaries' X
Gera Burton (University of Missouri-Columbia): ‘"A Contagion of Liberty": Richard Robert Madden in the Caribbean’ X
Margaret Brehony (National University of Ireland, Galway): ‘Los Irlandeses in Cuba: Irish railroad workers in Cuba 1835-1840’ X
Lawrence Clayton (University of Alabama): ‘Adapting to conditions: W. R. Grace & Co. in Latin America’ X
Panel Seven: Diplomacy  
Chair: Laura Izarra (Universidade de São Paulo and SILAS President)  
Lourdes De Ita (Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo): ‘Irish travellers judged by the Inquisition in Colonial Mexico’ X
Lesley Wylie (University of Essex): ‘Roger Casement and two Putumayo Indians’ X
María Eugenia Cruset (Universidad Nacional de La Plata): ‘Diplomacy and diasporas: The Irish-Argentine case’ X
Panel Eight: Identities  
Chair: Derrick Marcus (São Paulo)  
Seamus King (Ireland): ‘The game of hurling among the Irish in Argentina 1890-1950’ X
Hugh Fitzgerald Ryan (Ireland): ‘Christian Brothers in Carrasco, Uruguay’ X
Paula Migo and Andrés Bisso (La Plata, Argentina): 'Saint Patrick´s Day Celebrations in the Argentine province of Buenos Aires during the Twentieth Century' X
Panel Nine: Literature  
Chair: Edmundo Murray (University of Zurich)  
Patricia Novillo Corvalán (Birkbeck College, University of London): ‘"Fallen on his feet in Buenos Aires": Ulysses in Argentina’ X
Laura Izarra (Universidade de São Paulo): 'Letters and Diaries from South America: a "New Ireland"' X

SILAS is extremely grateful to the Centre for Irish Studies at NUI Galway, the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs, the Brazilian Embassy to Ireland, and Smurfit Kappa plc for their support of the conference.

Online published: 15 March 2007
Edited: 07 May 2009

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