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Dolan, Mario Alberto (1918-2002), physician and founder of the Irish-Argentine Society of New York, was born on 1 June 1918 in Buenos Aires, the third son of Juan José Dolan (1887-1970) of Capilla del Señor, and María Julia Kehoe (1888-1969) of San Pedro. His elder brothers Luis (1921-2000), Guillermo (1927-1974), and Heriberto (b.1923) were Roman Catholic priests.

Mario Dolan graduated in 1947 at the Medical School of the University of Buenos Aires, being one of his fellow students Ernesto [Che] Guevara. Dr. Dolan worked at the British Hospital and Ramos Mejía Hospital of Buenos Aires. In 1951, he settled in the United States, and worked as resident doctor in the East Orange Hospital in New Jersey. Dolan then worked in diverse health centres in Irvington, where he settled after marrying Judy Mahon in 1932. They had ten children. In 1953, Mario Dolan went back to Argentina to install one of the first radio-cardiometres in the country, but decided to go back to the US owing to his disagreement with the Peronist rule. He resumed his medical career in other US American hospitals, and followed graduate studies. Dolan became the family doctor of the small village of Irvington, New York, and during three generations its inhabitants could appreciate his professional care and his tireless efforts to improve the life conditions in Irvington. Some months before his death, Dr. Dolan was appointed honorary citizen of Irvington. In his old age, he implemented social strategies to fight against drug-addiction and other sicknesses. In 1990, together with his brothers Fr Luis and Eileen, his daughter Julie, his nephew Memo Richards, and others, he founded the Irish-Argentine Society of New York. Every 17 March he was to be seen at the head of the New York St. Patrick's parade.

Mario Dolan began playing rugby at Club Atlético San Isidro (CASI), and was one of the founder members of San Isidro Club. In 1936, being the captain of the fourth division team, he won the national championship. At seventeen, Mario Dolan wrote a record of his participation in rugby teams in 1934-1936, including an account of the establishment of SIC in 1935. During his trips back to Argentina from the United States, it was frequent to see him in his club's stand, talking with senior and young rugbiers. Dolan also became a passionate golf player and continued playing up to his death. Dr. Dolan was a frequent contributor of the Southern Cross

Mario Dolan died on 4 October 2002 in Irvington, New York. 

Gonzalo Cané


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