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Passengers Irish immigrants arrived in Buenos Aires. 7,159 1822-1929 Coghlan 1982 (Table I) and CEMLA Database Free to SILAS Members
Settlers Irish-born settlers in Argentina. 4,349 1770-1948 (arrivals) Coghlan 1987 Free to SILAS Members
Census 1855 Irish residents in Buenos Aires city and 6 parishes of Buenos Aires province. 623 1855 Coghlan 1982 (Table II) Free to SILAS Members
Census 1869 Irish residents in Buenos Aires city and 36 parishes of Buenos Aires province. 5,153 1869 Coghlan 1982 (Table III) Free to SILAS Members
Census 1895  Irish residents in the Argentine Republic. 5,493 1895 Coghlan 1982 (Table IV) Free to SILAS Members
Cemeteries Burial records of Irish-born and Irish Argentines in 11 cemeteries. 1,037 1857-1964 Monuments and Sextons Free to SILAS Members
Landowners Irish and Irish Argentine landowners in Buenos Aires province from private cadastral maps and topographical surveys. Not deduplicated. 1,113 1778-1922 Buenos Aires province, Topographical Dept., and Edelberg's 'Lista de Propietarios de la Provincia de Buenos Aires' (1922). Free to SILAS Members
Disappointed Emigrants Emigrants claiming compensation, who were engaged by Argentine agents in Ireland. 318 (families) 1889 UK Parliamentary Papers, 1889, XXXII Free to SILAS Members
Re-emigrants to the US Irish arrivals in New York from Buenos Aires. 224 1892-1924 US Immigrations Records Free to SILAS Members
British and Irish Employees of the Central Argentine Railway British and Irish family names in the list of employees of the the Central Argentine Railway Co. 2,084 1870-1961 Centro de Estudios Migratorios Latinoamericanos (CEMLA) Free to SILAS Members
British and Irish Soldiers in Bolívar's Army of Independence Soldiers enlisted in England and Ireland by recruiters on behalf of Simón Bolívar to fight in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. 670 1817-1823 Appendices in Alfred Hasbrouck's "Foreigns Legionaries in the Liberation of Spanish South America" (New York: Columbia University, 1928). Free to SILAS Members
Sisters of Mercy in Argentina Founding sisters of the community in Argentina and sisters who professed locally. 140 1848-1953 Appendix in Santiago M. Ussher's "Las Hermanas de la Misericordia (Irlandesas): Apuntes históricos sobres sus cien años en la Argentina, 1856 - Febrero 24 - 1956" (Buenos Aires, 1955). Free to SILAS Members
San Patricio Battalion Members of the St. Patrick Battalion in the US-Mexican War 1846-1848 ("Voluntarios Irlandeses" de artillería) 126 1848-1846 Appendix in Stevens, Peter F., "The Rogue's March: John Riley and the St. Patrick's Battalion" (Washington D.C.: Brassey's, 1999), pp. 302-303. Free to SILAS Members

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