Conference accommodation


The general advice is that hotels which are all state run can be uneven in the services they provide. Hotel names listed below are chosen because they are close to the conference venue. These hotels are reviewed on Tripadvisor. Otherwise casas particulares (Bed and Breakfast) are privately run and are often more comfortable and offer better value for money. Contacts on the list below are all in the vicinity of the conference location.

Hotels close to the conference venue.

Hotel Los Frailes

Hotel Conde de Villanueva

Hotel Palacio del Marques de San Felipe y Santiago de Bejucal

Hotel Raquel

Hotel Santa Isabel

Hotel Florida

Hostal Valencia

Hotel Beltrán de la Santa Cruz

Hotel Ambos Mundos

Hotel Habana 612


List of Private Houses

  • Apartamento Lamparilla (cerca de Obispo) (4-5 personas).
  • 2 Apartamentos Marivela (Al lado de Bodeguita del Medio) (4 personas).
  • Casa Imperio (Plaza Vieja) (2-3 personas).
  • Casa Ana (al lado de San Gerónimo) (2-3 personas). Dir. O´Reilly entre Mercaderes y San Ignacio. Tel: 7864-4021, 78017221.
  • Casa Odalys (esquina de San Gerónimo) (hasta 10 personas). Dir. San Ignacio entre O´Reilly y Callejón del Chorro. Tel: 7860-2225
  • Casa Quin (media cuadra de San Gerónimo) (4-6 personas). Dir. O´Reilly 208 entre Cuba y San Ignacio. Tel: +53 52815866
  • Casa Sonia (tres cuadras de San Gerónimo) (hasta 5 personas). Dir. Aguiar 301-303 entre Obispo y O´Reilly. Tel: 78602286; cel: +53 53338077
  • Casa Bolsa de La Habana (cerca de Obispo) (5 personas). Obrapia #257 entre Aguiar y Cuba. Cel. +53 58139298; +53 53687501
  • Casa Vieja 1840 (Cerca de Plaza Vieja). (3 personas) Dir. Tte Rey # 110 (altos) entre San Ignacio y Cuba. Tel: +53 7 8620477.

The prices range between 20 and 60 CUC a night. In high season that can change.

Airbnb is also an option to book accommodation anywhere in Cuba.

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