1,840 tons. 
1867 - 1878 transferred to SNRB Sud-Americaine, 1895 hulked at Buenos Aires.

See also Howat, Rev. Jeremy N.T., South American Packets 1808-1880 (York: The Postal History Society, 1984). 

Lamport and Holt Line/Liverpool, Brazil and river Plate Steam Navagation Company/Societe de Nav. Royale Belge Sud-Americaine.
   The Lamport & Holt Line was originally known as Liverpool, Brazil and River Plate Steam Navagation Company. They ran passenger services between the United Kingdom and South America, also South America to the West Indies and New York. After the sinking of the VESTRIS in 1928 the New York passenger service was discontinued.
   In 1944 the company was purchased by the Vestey Group of companies which included Blue Star Line, Frederick Leyland & Co, and which also took over the Booth Line in 1946. From 1947 a lot of inter company transfers of ships and temporary renamings took place, plus the formations of several groupings of companies. In 1991 the last Lamport & Holt ship (CHURCHILL) transferred to Blue Star and became the ARGENTINA STAR, and the name of Lamport & Holt disappeared.



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