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Call for Contributions

Volume 6, Number 3 (November 2008)

Hospital María Clara Morgan in San Antonio de Areco. In 1900 Margarita Morgan (née Mooney)  started a hospital named after her daughter, who died in Chicago. The hospital was managed by sisters of
the Little Company of Mary.
(Murray 2003)

Health, Physicians, Nurses

Guest Editor:

Susan Wilkinson

The editors of Irish Migration Studies in Latin America invite contributions for the forthcoming issue of the journal (volume 6, number 3, November 2008). Articles on any aspect of health connections between Ireland and Latin America, the Caribbean or Iberia will be considered for publication. This special edition will focus on Irish involvement in prevention and treatment of disease, advances in health care, health institutions or medical research in Latin America, Spain, Portugal and the Caribbean, as well as the activities of Irish healers, physicians, nurses and dentists in the region and Latin American health workers in Ireland. Contributions will be drawn from the fields of history of medicine, literature, humanities, social psychology and sociology, among other disciplines. We also welcome book, film and website reviews, biographies and edited source material. Articles in English must be emailed to the Guest Editor no later than 24 September 2008 (articles in Spanish, Portuguese, French or German no later than 25 August 2008).

Guest Editor
Susan Wilkinson

Contributor's Guidelines
(doc - pdf)

Edmundo Murray, Claire Healy

Associate Editor
Patricia Novillo-Corvalán

Production Manager
Juan Pablo Alvarez Pearce

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