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Ligações entre o Brasil e a Irlanda - Links between Brazil and Ireland

This web site may be characterised by blog-style design, journalistic writing and wealth of information on diverse subjects.
The main goal is to document the growing number of links between Brazil and Ireland. There are sections that focus on news, politics, travel, trade, investments, research, academic and humanitarian links, culture, literature, and history, as well as upcoming events in the two countries. Another section deals with the Irish in Brazil and Brazilians in Ireland. There is an archive section and a chance to read today’s news from some leading Brazilian and Irish newspapers. Various links are included to facilitate trade, travel and communications. Of particular interest is the bibliography Irish Literature in Brazil since 1888. In the section on literary links there are details, including press clippings, of the Bloomsday celebrations held in seven Brazilian cities each year, as well as digital images of James Joyce by Brazilian artist João Roth. In addition to this, the site provides useful links in Portuguese with opportunities for Brazilian students to study English in Ireland. The section on historic links publishes articles by selected scholars, including a description of the riot provoked by Irish mercenaries in Rio in 1828. It also lists Brazilian archives that contain papers on Irish immigration. The section on Brazilians in Ireland includes contacts for the samba and capoeira groups who performed on the streets of Dublin during the 2006 World Cup Soccer matches, as well as links to the web sites of support organisations, such as the newly formed Centro de Apoia de Brasileiros na Irlanda - CABI (Assistance Centre for Brazilians in Ireland), and web sites set up by Brazilians in Dublin. 


Title: Ligações entre o Brasil e a Irlanda - Links between Brazil and Ireland
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Online published: 1 July 2006
Edited: 07 May 2009


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